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Hello! I am Sue, your Property Angel.

In Chiang Mai there are a lot of companies and people selling and renting real estate. What makes my service different?


These words are my mantra. I offer INTEGRITY and FOCUS – One trusted point of contact

It is difficult dealing with many different agents. You will find that they all want to tell you different things. My service provides one point of contact. I will handle all other connections. A true property angel.

Truth and integrity are extremely important to me and to my clients. I will always give you honest answers to your questions and will give you regular, factual feedback.


Getting a successful sale requires many levels of expertise. Perhaps most important is presentation

  1. Presentation

Attractive presentation shows prospective buyers that you have cared for and value your property. The first introduction people have to your property will be through photos, videos and other media. These will be displayed on websites, Social Media and brochures. That is why we work with the absolute best professional real estate photographers, video makers, drone specialists and 360 tour creators.

Our 360 tours and drone footage can make a real difference when getting people to consider your property. They allow prospective buyers to walk around the property before they actually visit. Not only does this save a lot of time wasting but it also means that the people that do make an appointment to view are more likely to be serious buyers.

Benefits of making me your exclusive agent
Included in my service I will create a 360° virtual tour of your property.  In addition, I will provide high quality photos and everything will be displayed on my professional website as well as through other social media channels.


  • Complimentary 360° virtual tour
  • Professional photos
  • Dedicated website
  • Social media promotion
  • Price

Having a deep understanding of the local market and pricing is also a vital part of selling a property in Chiang Mai. I am in constant contact with both buyers and sellers and in these “new normal” times it is easy to get caught out.

When we meet I will be able to advise you on what I believe to be the right price for marketing. I will also be able to give advice on what should be done to ensure that the property looks its best. This is vital for successful photographs, videos and 360 tours and also for the actual viewings.

These things are true for both selling and leasing a property.


If I don’t have a suitable buyer on my books I will engage likely buyers through my web of connections. You can be sure that your property will be seen by any suitable prospective buyers. I am in contact with many other agents that have their own buyer lists. I also check through all available media to find people looking to buy or rent /lease.

I also have my own social media channels where I can present your properties.


I want to be able to give the best service possible to my clients and buyers alike. I am not an agency that wants to have every property in Chiang Mai. I prefer to be selective and concentrate on taking the time to show your property in the very best way possible.

Unlike some local agents I will not sit back and wait for customers to find me. Instead I actively engage buyers in all ways available to me. This includes my great connections in the Chiang Mai real estate business and an active time on social media. I am determined that my clients complete successful sales with the minimum of stress and complication.

How I work

My terms and conditions are simple. I will create all marketing materials including the 360° virtual tour and the photos of your property. Where suitable I will create other drone media and video. Next I will present your property through my well promoted website. I will ensure that your property is showing everywhere on Chiang Mai social media outlets.


Sue Property Angel will be your sole selling agent. You should note that however you sell the property fees will be payable to me. This is to cover my investment and marketing efforts on your behalf. This is true even if someone approaches you directly or via other property agents. If you sell/lease the property to that person or through those persons, the 3% commission or 1 month’s rent in the case of rental agreement, will still be payable to Sue Property Angel.

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